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Scooby Doo Show


The Beast Is Awake In Bottomless Lake

    The gang takes a trip up north and end up in Canada and the recently deserted village of Bottomless Lake--where they come face to face with the Beast of Bottomless Lake itself!


A Highland Fling With A Monstrous Thing

    The gang heads to Scotland to help Velma's friend Aggie MacDuff, who's ancestral castle home, which she's turned into a tourist attraction, is being haunted by the ghost of her great grandfather Finnyan MacDuff, who in turn has summoned the Loch Ness Monster to help him scare away potential tourists.


A Bum Steer For Scooby

    The gang heads to Texas to help Daphne's Uncle Matt, who's cattle are vanishing--about the same time a mysterious Ghost Bull and a dead Native Shaman show up.


Spooky Case Of The Grand Prix Race

    The gang goes to watch a grand prix race, only to run afoul of a phantom race car driver that makes the other drivers and their cars disappear!


Scared A Lot In Camelot

    The gang goes to see Shaggy's Uncle Shagworthy, who it turns out, has mysteriously vanished--the victim of Merlin's ghost and his henchman, the Black Knight!


A Frightened Hound Meets Demons Underground

    The gang is in Seattle when they find an article about mysterious demons appearing and wreaking havoc...which leads them into the Seattle underground, an old city, and a new mystery!


The Harum Scarum Sanitarium

    While sightseeing by Niagra Falls, the gang ends up getting lost and spending the night in a mental asylum haunted by the ghost of the mad Dr. Coffin.


There's A Demon Shark In The Foggy Dark

    The gang's day of water-skiing comes to a halt when they get tangled up in a mystery involving missing pearls and a million year old shark monster!


The Ghost That Sacked The Quarterback

    The gang is attending a Hawk's football game when the star player vanishes--and the ghost of a long dead 1930s football player shows up, propelling them into yet another mystery!


The No-Faced Zombie Chase Case

    The theft of a valuable coin leads the gang into a mystery at the Dilly Dally Dolly Factory, where they run into a no-faced zombie!


The Chiller Diller Movie Thriller

    Scooby, Scooby Dumb and the gang set out to protect Scoobys' cousin Scooby Dee from the phantom of Milo Booth, a long dead silent film actor determined to keep Dee from remaking one of his greatest films.


Hang In There, Scooby Doo

    The gang heads to the southwest to watch a hang gliding contest, only to run into a ghostly pterodactyl!


Mamba Wamba And the Voodoo Hoodoo

    The gang are special guests at a concert given by their old pal Alex Super, who's new song based on an ancient voodoo chant summons up an ancient ghostly voodo shaman!


The Creepy Heap From The Deep

    The gang is having a beach party when a bizarre monster emerges from the deep. Soon after they meet an old sea captain who tells them about the monster, only to have it steal his soul!


Watt A Shocking Ghost

    A simple ski trip turns into a mystery for the gang when the little town they end up in turns out to be nearly deserted, and totally without power--thanks to the work of the 10,000 Volt Ghost!


The Curse of Viking Lake

    The gang heads off to a fishing trip with Velma's uncle John, only to find Uncle John missing--and long dead Vikings and their ship haunting the area!


The Warlock of Wimbeldon

    While touring England, the gang comes upon tennis star Jimmy Pelton, who's been cursed by the Warlock Anthos and told if he plays at Wimbeldon, he's doomed!


The Tar Monster

The recieves an invitation to join Professor Brikston in Turkey, where he's uncovered a lost, ancient city--and the Tar Monster that protects it!

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