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Mystery Machine


Watch Out! The Willawaw!

Willawaw, Owl Creatures

    The gang goes up north to visit Velman's Uncle Dave and run into mysterious half-man, half-owl beasts--and the ancient spirit of the ghost owl Willawaw!


A Creepy Tangle in the Bermuda Triangle

UFO, Skeleton Men

    While out on an ocean sailing trip, the gang run into a hurricane and end up stranded on a deserted island--which appears to be home base for a UFO that captures Hurricane Hunter aircraft!


Two Switch a Witch
Witch of Salem

    The gang heads to Salem, Mass., to help Velma's friend Arlene Wilcox--who's been accused of being possessed by the ghost of her ancestor, the Witch of Salem, Milissa Wilcox!


Don't Go Near the Fortress of Fear
Ghost of Juan Diego

    A sightseeing tour of Puerto Rico leads the gang to El Moro fortress, an ancient Spanish fortress haunted by the ghost of its commander, Juan Diego!


The Creepy Case of Old Ironface
Old Ironface

    A day of waterskiing ends when the gang runs into the ghost of Old Ironface--a prisoner from nearby Skull Island who was so mean, the warden ordered an iron mask to be welded over his face!


A Menace In Venice
Ghostly Gondoleer

    The gang goes to visit their friend Antonio in Venice, Itay, and find that he's haunted by the ghost of an ancestor, the Ghostly Gondoleer, who seeks to steal the ancient necklace/family heirloom Antonio wears!


A Scary Night With A Snowbeast Fright

    The gang is flown to the North Pole by their friend, Prof. Krueger--who's mysteriously disappeared before they can arrive. Soon they find themselves tangling with the Snowbeast, a fur covered dinosaur of ancient Eskimo legend!


Scooby's Chinese Fortune Cookie Caper
Moon Monster

    The gang pays a visit to China and become tangled up with a young man about to lay claim to his inheritance--a fortune in treasures and the curse of the Moon Monster, who's shadow turns anyone caught in it to stone!


High Rise Hair Raiser
The Spectre of Ebeneezer Crabb

    The gang is low on cash and need some quick, so Fred, Shaggy and Scooby take construction jobs on a local building site--a site haunted by the spectre of a 180 year old man, who ends up dragging the gang into yet another mystery!


The Fiesta Host Is An Aztec Ghost
Aztec God King Cotazuma
Stone Creature
Ghost Barge

    The gang heads to Mexico to enjoy the Cinco De Mayo festival, only to find the fiesta has been canceled thanks to the appearance of the ghost of an ancient Aztec king, Cotazuma. Pretty soon the gang find themselves being terrorized by Katazuma and a living Stone Creature, and find themselves pursuing a mysterious Ghost Barge to an ancient Aztec pyramid in the jungle, and yet another daring mystery...


The Gruesome Game Of The Gator Ghoul
Gator Ghoul

    The gang head to the Okefenokee and meet up with Scooby Dum and his "parents", Ma and Pa Skillet, makers of Ma and Pa Skillet's Fritters--and run into the mystery of who is sabotaging things at the Fritter factory, quite possibly the mysterious Gator Ghoul!


The Creepy Creature At Vulture's Claw
Giant Mantis

    The gang head off to help Velma's friend Professor Greer, whose estate at Vulture's Claw is being haunted by a huge, humanoid Praying Mantis. Only there's more than meets the eye...


The Headless Horseman Of Halloween
Headless Horsemen

    The gang (including Scooby Dumb) attend a costume party thrown by the gang's friend Beth Crane, great great etc. grandaughter of Ichabod Crane, in Sleepy Hollow, home of the legendary Headless Horseman--only to find out that the legend is real, and he's back for a head!


The Diabolical Disc Demon
Diabolical Disc Demon

    The gang is invited to a private record recording session by their friend, Jimmy Lewis. But when they arrive, a missing songwriter, a series of accidents and the legend of a ghostly musician soon lead them into a mystery involving a half-finished song and the Diabolical Disc Demon!


Jeepers, It's The Jaguarro!

    Scooby and the gang's trip to Rio is cut short when their plane is forced to make an emergency landing in the jungles of South America. While trying to find a way out, they run afoul of the Jaguarro, a legendary, mythical creature worshipped by the local natives (who also just happen to be headhunters.) It's a real jungle of fright for Scooby and the gang!


The Creepy Cruise
Futuristic Creature

   When Scooby and Shaggy win a contest that nets the gang a 3 week luxury cruise, things couldn't look any better--until the ship the gang's going to be cruising on turns out to be carrying a time machine--one that brings a horror from the future to turn the gang's relaxing cruise into a chill filled thrill on the high seas!


The Ghost Of The Bad Humor Man
Technicolor Phantoms--Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry

    One rainy night Freddy lets Shaggy drive his precious Mystery Machine--and Shaggy wrecks it! Luckly for Shag, it wasn't his fault; he slid on a ton of popsicles laying in the street, right outside the Happy Humor Ice Cream factory. A trip inside to use the phone to get a tow truck turns into a mystery, complete with three Technicolor Phantoms--Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla! Scooby might love food, but these guys could ruin even his appetite!


Scooby Doo, Where's The Crew?
Ghost of Captain Piscato, Sea Monsters (Octopus Monster, Kelp Monster)

   As part of a school science project, Scooby and the gang accompany Professor Poissant on a deep sea salvage mission to raise the wreck of the Diablo Doro, an old Spanish galleon. But Captain Piscato isn't going to give up his ship so easily, and soon the gang finds themselves adrift on a ship without a crew, Professor Poissant missing and Captain Piscato and his band of sea monsters determined to see that they never reach shore again!


Spirits of '76
Ghosts of Benedict Arnold, William DeMont, Major Andre

    Shaggy's "brainstorm in a thunderstorm" to spend a the day at the Smithsonian Institute turns to a mystery when the gang is locked inside and finds themselves pursued by the ghosts of Revolutionary War traitors Benedict Arnold, William Demont and Major Andre!


Vampire, Bats & Scaredy-Cats
Vampire of Skull Island

    The gang, along with Scooby Dumb, take a trip to visit Daphne's friend Lisa Banoff, who's about to celebrate her 18th birthday and take over her family's inn on Skull Island. Only when the gang is asked to deliver a mysterious crate to the inn that turns out to be a coffin, they find out that taking over the family inn may not be all that's in Lisa's future--joining the Undead might be as well!


Title Unknown
Ghost of Witch McCoy

   A trip through the Ozarks turns into a mystery for Scooby and the gang when four flat tires leave them stranded for the night--and caught in the middle of the ages old feud between the Hatfield clan and their long dead rivals, the McCoys--only trouble is, the McCoy clan left a witch behind to deal with the Hatfields, and Scooby and the gang as well!


Who's That Cat Creature I Saw You With Last Night?
Cat Creature

   The gang pays a visit to New York City and Daphne's sickly spinster aunt Olivia. However, what starts out as a friendly visit soon turns into a mystery involving mysterious and missing jewels, bad dreams and the good chance that Daphne's aunt Olivia is a Cat Creature!

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