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Scooby Doo Movies


The Frickert Fracas

   A trip in the country ends up in a mystery when the Mystery Machine runs low on gas. Stopping to fill up, the gang meets a very familiar gas station attendant--Jonathan Winters! As it turns out, Jonathan has come to visit his old friend, Maude Frickert, a chicken farmer looking to start her own chain of fried chicken stands. Trouble is, somebody is looking to steal her secret formula--a formula that makes chickens grow huge! It's a hilarious adventure as Scooby and the gang, along with Jonathan, attempt to sniff out the villain and and hang him out to roast!


The Ghostly Creep From The Deep

   While traveling through a spooky old swamp (hey, no country roads!) the gang finds themselves being followed by a "swamp monster"--which turns out to be the headlights of the Harlem Globetrotters bus! Their fear, however, soon gets them stuck in the mud, and they and the Globetrotters suddenly find themselves face to face with a very talkative Redbeard's ghost.


The Mystery Of Haunted Island

   The gang is on their way to a day of picnicking on Picnic Isle when they Mystery Machine runs out of gas. A quick trip to a nearby shack for gas turns up the the Harlem Globetrotters instead, who accept the gang's offer of a trip to Picnic Island. Only someone else has other plans, and pulls a switcheroo that ends them all up on Haunted Island...


The Lochness Mess

   The gang is in Massacheusetts to visit Shaggy's great uncle Nathaniel when the smell of cooking hamburgers sidetracks them--and they end up meeting the Harlem Globetrotters, who are having a picnic and are on their way to rest and relax. Together they all head to Uncle Nat's--and right into a mystery involving lake monsters and revolutionary war ghosts!


The Haunted Horseman Of Hagglethorne Hall

   The gang pays a visit to Hagglethorne Hall--which was imported from Scotland brick-by-brick--and end up helping Davey Jones (remember him Brady fans?) solve the mystery of the haunting of the hall, which threatens to ruin his uncle (the hall's owner) and turn the hall into a pile of bricks which his evil cousin wants to sell as souvenirs.


The Phantom Of The Grand Ole Music Hall

   The gang heads to Nashville on invitation from country singer Jerry Reed. Only trouble is, when they get there, he's nowhere around! The mystery starts with finding him, then with finding out who stole his special guitar--without which he can't practice or perform, and without which he can't save the Grand Ole Country Music Hall from sale!


The Spirited Spooked Sports Show


    The gang heads back to Velma's old high school to attend an All-Sports Day benefit--only the ghost of long-dead athlete seems bent on keeping the benefit from ever happening! Enter Tim Conway, who's determined to learn what it's like to be a coach for role in a movie--and in turn, help Scooby Doo and the gang solve the mystery and save the day.


The Exterminator

   The gang is touring Hollywood when they come across a broken down truck--with Don Adams trying to fix it. Don enlists them to help out as assistants in his new extermination service, which leads them to the haunted mansion of horror movie actor Lorne Chumley--"The Man of a Million Faces"--in the heart of Hollywood and the mystery of just whose haunting it...


The Ghost Of Bigfoot

   A skiing trip for the gang takes a quirky turn when they pick up Laurel & Hardy hitchiking. While the comedy duo seeks jobs as bellhops at the ski resort, the gang sets out to solve the mystery of the Ghost of Bigfoot, and Stan and Ollie find themselves in yet another fine mess--and this time, it's not Stan's fault!


The Haunted Candy Factory

   It was a dark and stormy night, as the Mystery Machine slogged through the deserted streets of the city. All of a sudden, out of nowhere--a Cass Elliot caramel bar comes flying out of nowhere! A key inside becomes the key to a mystery for Scooby and the gang as they set out to rescue Cass Elliot, held prisoner in her own candy factory, and solve the mystery of the Green Globs haunting the place!


The Haunted Carnival

   A simple trip to a carnival turns into a real mystery when the gang arrives to find the place empty, and a despondent (and considerably lighter in the wallet) Dick VanDyke trying to figure out who's haunting the place! Determined to help Dick get his carnival going, the gang sets out to solve the mystery--and have a little fun while they're at it!


The Ghost Of The Red Baron

   A trip through corn country (yep, another country road) ends up in a mystery when the Mystery Machine is run off the road by the Ghost of the Red Baron. Soon the Three Stooges join in the act, offering to perform a little crop dusting while the gang does a little mystery solving.

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