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Mystery Machine


Ghastly Ghost Town
Tyranosaurus Rex, Cigar Store Indian, Gunslinger, Giant Bat, Walking Cactus

   The gang is lost in the desert when they come upon a tourist trap of a ghost town--run by the Three Stooges. Their little trip soon turns into a mystery when a giant bat runs them off the road and they find themselves trying to help the Stooges solve the mystery of who's trying to ruin their ghost town theme park...


 The Haunted Showboat
Ghosts of Injun Joe & Captain Scavenger

   The gang is travelling along the Misissippi (a country road!)--and quite lost--when the Mystery Machine gets stuck on an old pier, next to which is moored an old paddlewheel showboat. Unable to resist the temptation to explore it, the gang goes aboard, where they meet up with Josie and the Pussycats and find mystery with the ghosts of Injun Joe and Captain Scavenger from the days of Tom Sawyer!


Scooby Doo Meets Jeanie
Jadal The Evil Djinn

   A trip down a deserted country road turns into a mystery when the gang runs into Jeanie and Babu, along with Jeanie's master, Corey, and his friend, Henry. Soon the gang is in far off Persia, facing off against an evil djinn bent on taking over a desert kingdom.


A Good Medium Is Rare
Gargoyle, Putty Faced Phantoms

   Phyllis Diller is tricked by a fake-medium scam in revealing where her jewels are. She and the gang must get back to her mansion before the crooks do.


Sandy Duncan’s Jekyll & Hyde
Phantom, Shiek, Mummy, Mechanical Lion, Dragon, Chief Blood-In-The-Eye, Pirate, Grizzly Bear, Mr. Hyde

   The gang and Scooby--who happens to have a massive crush on Sandy Duncan--pay a visit to Sandy on the set of her latest movie. But before they can even get there, a ghost pops up and they crash the van! Things get weirder as they learn from Sandy that their accident was not the first--that there has been lots of trouble surrounding the film, enough to threaten the closure of the studio. Things get stickier when Sandy's stunt double quits, and Daphne, a natural look-alike for the part, fills in--only to end up in the clutches of the ghost of Mr. Hyde!


The Spooky Fog Of Juneberry
Cackling Skeleton, 3 Eyed Ghost, Banshee, Giant Ghost, Headless Horsemen, Ghostly Stagecoach, Brontosaurus

   While traveling through the desert, Scooby and the gang pass through the empty, spooky little town of Juneberry--and run into a mysterious, creepy fog. No sooner do they get away from that than a motorcycle cop pulls them over--only to turn out to be Don Knotts! Soon Don and the gang are knee deep in a mystery!


Guess Who's Knott Coming To Dinner
Ghost of Captain Moody

   The gang's van stalls in front of the Moody Manner and in trying to get help they are mistaken by detective Don Knots for the relatives of Captain Moody who has disappeared. After playing the First Mate, Butler, Maid, and Ghost of Captain Moody Don Knotts realizes his mistake and enlists the gang's help in finding Captain Moody - at which point two more Captain Moody ghosts show up.


Secret Of Shark Island
Shark Demon ("Piscato Diabolico")

   The gang meet Sonny & Cher who are on their way to a resort to spend their second honnymoon. Upon arriving at the resort they find out three things: 1) the resort is rundown, 2) they are trapped by the tide and sharks until next Tuesday, and 3) there is a shark demon running around.


The Weird Winds Of Winona
Mysterious Winds, Hooded Figures

   It's welcome to Winona, a pleasant little village--if you don't mind the fact that nearly everything is closed, the population is almost all gone and there are mysterious winds that blow through town every night at midnight! For Scooby and the gang, it soon turns into a mystery to be solved, with the help of Speed Buggy and the Speed Bugs.


The Caped Crusader Caper
Hooded figure

   The gang is on their way to the Mystery Club Convention when a loose battery cable trips them up. Then, a mysterious plane lands nearby, and unloads a mysterious crate, that leads them to a spooky old house in the woods--and to Batman and Robin, trying to track down their own little mystery!


Wednesday Is Missing
Giant Vulture

   When a minor accident lands the gang at the Addam's Family mansion, they accept an offer to babysit so Morticia and Gomez can get away. Only what seems like a simple and quirky job quickly turns to a mystery when some extra-spooky happenings start taking place!


The Dynamic Scooby Doo
Skeletons (Penguin & Joker)


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