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Mystery Machine


Which Which Is Witch?

Old Witch & Zombie

   While heading off on a fishing trip, the gang becomes lost near a desolate Southern swamp village and immediately runs into a blank-eyed zombie. Visiting the locals, they soon learn that an old witch, who brought the zombie to "life" to act as her servant, is haunting the place--and making folks disappear!


Spooky Space Kook

Space Kook & Ghost UFO

   While on their way someplace(?) the gang run out of gas and stop by a farm to get some. Along the way they spot a ghostly UFO landing at a nearby airfield, and learn from a local farmer than a ghostly alien has been haunting the airfield and the surrounding countryside...


Go Away Ghost Ship

Redbeard's Ghost & Ghost Ship

   The gang becomes curious about missing cargo freighters and decide to investigate. What they run into instead is the ghost of Redbeard the Pirate and his ghostly ghost ship!


A Night of Fright Is No Delight

The Phantom Shadows

   Scooby and the gang are summoned to a spooky house on an even spookier island to hear the reading of the will for the late Col. Beauregard Sanders, whom Scooby saved from drowning years before. The catch is that, to collect the inheritance, Scooby, the gang, and the Colonel's other heirs must spend the night on the island--and survive the giggling green ghosts which haunt it!


That's Snow Ghost!

Snow Ghost (Yeti)

   The gang heads off on a ski trip, only to find themselves being menaced by the ghost of the Yeti, an abominable snowman from the Himalyas who's come to seek revenge on the man who caused his death several years before!


Nowhere To Hyde

Dr. Jekyll/(Ghost of) Mr. Hyde

   When a creepy creep crawls into the back of the Mystery Machine and scares the living daylights out of the gang, it begins a chase that leads them to a spooky old house, Dr. Jekyll--and Mr. Hyde!


Mystery Mask Mix-Up

Zen-Tuo & The Scare Pair

   The gang pays a visit to San Francisco's Chinatown, where Daphne buys a gruesome looking mask from a curio shop. The gang then finds themselves pursued by two zombies, servants of the ancient warlord Zen Tuo, who wants the mask back!


Scooby's Night With a Frozen Fright


   While relaxing at the beach, Scooby manages to hook a block of ice containing a frozen caveman, which was supposed to be delivered to the Marine Land Research Facility. No sooner does the gang return the frozen fright to Marine Land than somebody thaws him out and he comes to life!


Jeepers! It's The Creeper!

The Creeper

   The gang is on their way to a school dance/hay ride when they come upon an accident scene and a semi-conscious bank guard, who gives them a mysterious blank paper. Later, at the dance, they find themselves being chased by the ghoulish Creeper, who wants the paper at any cost!


Haunted House Hangup

Headless Spectre

   While on their way to rock festival, the gang gets lost and stops to ask for directions from a crabby old farmer. He gives them two choices--a long route, and a short route, and a warning that the short route leads past a haunted house. The gang opts for the short route--only to break down right in front of the haunted house. A trip inside for help brings them face to face(?) with the Headless Spectre, and a mysterious search for a lost fortune!


A Tiki Scare Is No Fair

Witch Doctor, Mano Tiki Tia

   The gang vacations in Hawaii as the guests of reporter John Simms, who's doing an article on a local, haunted village. But when a Witch Doctor pops up and Mr. Simms disappears, the gang finds themselves tangling with ancient Hawaiian curses and even more ancient Hawaiin ghosts!


Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Werewolf?


   The gang is out on a camping trip when the sound of a wolf's howl startles them--and the tracks of a two legged wolf lead them to an old cemetery and the unearthed grave of Silas Long, reputed to be half-man, and half-wolf; and apparently all ghost!


Don't Fool With A Phantom

Wax Phantom

   The gang is competing in a dance contest at a local TV station when the lights suddenly go out and a weird, glowing blobby phantom appears. As soon as the lights come on, they find themselves on another mystyery--the station's safe has been robbed, the manager is missing, and the blame seems to belong with an old waxmaker and his black magic, which he threatened to use to bring the Wax Phantom to life, and seek revenge on the station for cancelling his appearance years before!

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